Until Dawn PC Download System Requirements and How to Install

Playing game is no longer a childish activity. The fact that game can cover anybody in any age; games come to be more challenging, even sometimes thrilling. Talking about adventurous game that will give you adrenaline rush, Until Dawn is what you are looking for. Designed with horror and adventure genre, this game published by SCEA will give you outstanding gaming experience. Do you wonder about Until Dawn PC download?

Don’t be that hurry. You better get to know more about this game. Until Dawn brings a story about 8 friends trapped on a remote mountain, however they are not alone. Your adrenaline will rush during the adventure to fight through fear, insisting you to make a quick decision that will bring you either to life or death. Can you survive until dawn? Can you save the life?

There are some key features offered by the game that is released by PlayStation4. You should be able to deal with choice and consequence, forcing you to make choice even though it seems impossible. Designed with horror genre, Until Dawn brings shocking graphics that will terrify you. Not to mention the sophisticated effect that makes this game look valuable.

Not only that, the combination of graphic and story will make you feel like you are in it. Thanks to Graham Reznick and Larry Fessenden who are responsible to write story as well as direct the game building. Because of them, Until Dawn PC download is worthwhile.

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PC Requirements

This game is perfectly built to give you different sensation of gaming. If you plan to download this game right away, you need to know the system requirements. Until Dawn PC download works in Windows 7, Windows 8 and higher. It requires 4 GB of RAM, which is considered as high compared to the other games. Your CPU should meet either AMD Phenom X3 2.4 GHz or Intel Core2 Duo 2.66 GHz. About the video card, it should be ATI Radeon 512 MB or Nvidia GeForce 512 MB.

If your PC meets the requirements, now you can download the game? Where to get Until Dawn PC download? This game is officially available on the official website of PS4 on https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/until-dawn-ps4/. You will find “Buy Download” button that you can click on. The button will redirect you to PlayStation Store.

How to Download and Install

To enjoy this thrilling game, you surely need to install on your PC. Follow the instructions below:

  • Download Until Dawn game from official website of PS4.
  • Open the downloaded file from Download folder.
  • Open the Activation directory on game install directory.
  • Take your registration code.
  • Your game is ready to play.

That is all information you need to know about Until Dawn PC download. In short, this adventurous game will give you different sensation of playing game. Aside from having fun, Until Dawn will also let you be a quick decision maker. This is not only game; this is how you survive from the death. Download the game right away and feel the difference!

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